Free Character Count Tool For Students

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In this section you can find how many times each word has been repeated. Also, percentage of the word has been calculated.

Online Text Analyzing Tool

What is Super Analyzer?

It is online character counter which gets your desired text and extract valuable information about it such as amount of words, sentences, and paragraphs. It is a free online character and word counting tool. You will see results in real time even when you are typing. It is free easy to use text evaluation tool.

What is the best character counter in the world?

There are a few online tools which evaluate your text and give you information about it, but I could not find any complete one. Almost all of them cover just part of my requirements.

Why do I need Super Analyzer?

If you are student, researcher, or someone who needs to have complete controls over what s/he writes (Essay, Article, Class Assignment, News Post, Social Media posts), you need Super Analyzer.

How to use Super Analyzer?

“Copy and Paste” or simply type your text inside designated area. Super Analyzer would check your text and give you back detailed information about it instantly. It displays amount of words, sentences, paragraphs, white spaces, total character count, and also punctuations like periods, questions marks, commas, or exclamation points.

Which devices support Super Analyzer?

Super Analyzer works on verities of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, servers, and all kinds of smart phones. If you have access to internet and reliable browser, then you will have Super Analyzer.